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single color led strip

  • SMD 2835 LED Strip
  • SMD 2835 LED Strip
  • SMD 2835 LED Strip
  • SMD 2835 LED Strip
SMD 2835 LED Strip SMD 2835 LED Strip SMD 2835 LED Strip SMD 2835 LED Strip

SMD 2835 LED Strip

  • Input voltage:DC12V/24V
  • PCB width:8mm/10mm
  • IP:IP20/65/67/68
  • LED Type:SMD2835
  • Product description: Input voltage: DC12V/24V Number of LEDs: 60/120/180/240LEDs/M PCB width: 8mm/10mm Protection level: IP20/65/67/68 Warranty: 2-3 years Working temperature: -20°-45° Storage temperature: -30°-65°

SMD2835 LED strip series:

Model:ES-2835-60 Model:ES-2835-120
Color: white/red/green/blue/yellow/pink/purple/ice blue

LM/LED: White light: 20-24LM, red and yellow 7-8LM (about 2100-2400mcd), green 18-20lm (about 5400-6000mcd), blue 4-6LM (about 1200-1800mcd), purple 5-8LM (About 1500-2400mcd), pink and ice blue 15-18lm (about 4500-5400mcd)

Color temperature/NM: white light 2200-13000K, red 620-625NM, green 520-525NM, blue 460-470NM, yellow 590-595NM, purple 390-410nm
Ra:Only white light is involved in the problem of Ra, you can choose the color rendering of 80/90/95 three specifications
Power:9.6W/M Power:14.4W/M

Current/M:12V 0.9A/M


Current/M:12V 1.2A/M


Current/M:12V 1.33A/M


CUrrent/M:12V 1.6A/M


PCB Width:8mm PCB Width:8mm
PCB Width:8mm
PCB Width:10mm
IP:IP20 non waterproof/IP65Epoxy waterproof/IP67Casing waterproof/IP68 Gule Waterproof
Beam angle:120°

Operating Temperature:-20°-45°

Storage Temperature:-30°-65°

Package:5M/Roll,10M/RollOr customized length
Cutting: 12V3 lamp cutting, 24V6 lamp cutting. 12V 60 lamp is about 5cm, 120 lamp is about 2.5cm, 180 lamp is about 1.67cm, 240 lamp is about 1.25cm, 24V 60 lamp is about 10cm, 120 lamp is about 5cm, 180 lamp is about 3.33cm, 240 leds is about 2.5cm
Warranty:2-3 years

Easton Technology Co., Ltd.’s 2835led light strip products use LEDs with gold wires and copper brackets to ensure the reliability of the LEDs. The PCB uses 2oz or 3oz copper foil and double-sided film to ensure better bending. The bonding strength of the conductive circuit and the selection of resistance and capacitance ensure the uniformity and life of the light-emitting color of the light strip and the stability of signal transmission. The product can also be made of high-quality silica gel or PU to make IP65 products, and more Easy to clean without yellowing; high-quality silicone sleeve IP67 products can also be used outdoors to ensure that the product is not easy to yellow and waterproof; the product can also choose IP68 potting products, using high-quality silicone sleeves and glue, Ensure better waterproof performance of the product.

Easton Technology Co., Ltd.'s 2835led light strip products can choose 12V or 24V power supply voltage, the color rendering index can choose CRI 80 90 95 specifications, the color tolerance is less than 3, the production process is raw material inspection-SMT patch-reflow Welding-semi-finished products inspection-splicing-aging inspection-(dispensing, casing, potting)-reel-finished product inspection-packaging, all-round quality control to ensure quality

Easton Technology Co., Ltd.’s 2835 led light strip products are widely used in shopping malls, offices, holiday light shows, clothing, game consoles, gaming machines, e-sports equipment, computer cases, TV backgrounds, clothing, automobiles, architectural lighting, logo lighting , Cabinet and shelf lighting, backlight lighting and related occasions such as stage, home theater, wine cellar, yacht and cruise ship, etc.

Common wiring methods:

Single coil 5 meters long wiring method:

Multi-volume 5 meters long wiring method:

Single coil 5 meters long lamp with dimming connection mode:

Multi-volume 5m long lamp with dimming connection mode:




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