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Easton Technologies offers a complete line of LED strip lighting products to meet the needs of landscape, facade, signage, stage and studio lighting professionals. Easton's core competencies in complex color adjustment and precision lighting control make Easton uniquely qualified to provide the best in smart full-color LED lighting products and regular LED strip products. Easton Technologies has extensive in-house capabilities that enable the company to maintain its commitment to provide lighting solutions that are closely aligned with customer requirements.

Easton Technologies' product portfolio embodies a true balance of quality and economy, with the option of mass customization to meet the challenges and needs of each unique project. Easton Technology offers a complete set of individually addressable full-color lighting products, including flexible LED strip lights, LED pixel nodes, LED matrix panels and LED controllers. The ability to use WS2815, WS2813, WS2812, WS2811, WS2801, APA102, LPD8806, SK9822, sk6813, TM1814, sm16703, ucs2904, SK6812, and DMX512 control chips enables Easton Technology to develop a wide variety of fully customized solutions , for creative and demanding architectural, entertainment and media projects. At the same time, Easton Technology Co., Ltd.'s SMD2835, SMD3528, SMD2216, SDM5730, SMD2110, SMD5050 and other conventional single-color LED light strips and two-color LED light strips, RGBLED light strips, RGBW led light strips, RGBCCT LED light strips, meet the needs of large Most regular home, office, construction and entertainment projects.

From simple color-varying lighting with millions of saturated colors, to complex video content translation, large-scale lighting displays through tens of thousands of individually controllable nodes, Easton Technology's RGB lighting products are needed The application of functional and programmable LED solutions brings all the drama and excitement of digitally controllable lighting. Easton prides itself on its ability to customize to support the client's vision at every stage of a project. From custom design, prototyping, value engineering to mass production, Easton Technologies actively works with customers and maintains the tightest tolerances to ensure consistently high product quality.




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