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Addressable LED strip

  • WS2812/SK6812 RGBW addressable Digital led strip
  • WS2812/SK6812 RGBW addressable Digital led strip
  • WS2812/SK6812 RGBW addressable Digital led strip
WS2812/SK6812 RGBW addressable Digital led strip WS2812/SK6812 RGBW addressable Digital led strip WS2812/SK6812 RGBW addressable Digital led strip

WS2812/SK6812 RGBW addressable Digital led strip

  • Input voltage:DC5V
  • PCB width:10mm/12mm
  • Color: RGBW
  • Pcb color: white/black
  • Product description: DC5V ws2812/sk6812RGBW 30leds / 60 leds / 144LEDs per meter RGBW Built-in IC addressable light strip, black or white PCB, pcb width: 10mm/12mm, 5 meters or 1meter/roll /IP65/IP67/IP68 optional

Model:ES-SK6812RGBW-30 Model:ES-SK6812RGBW-60 Model:ES-SK6812RGBW-144
Voltage:DC5V Voltage:DC5V Voltage:DC5V
Power:9.6W/M Power:19.2W/M
Color:RGBW Color:RGBW
pcb width:10mm pcb width:10mm
pcb width:12mm
pcb color:Black/White
pcb color:Black/White
pcb color:Black/White
Chip:San an/Epistar
Chip:San an/Epistar
Chip:San an/Epistar

Cutability:  5V 1leds

Cutability:  5V 1leds
Cutability:  5V 1leds
Install:3M Install:3M
Warranty: 2-3 years Warranty: 2-3 years
Warranty: 2-3 years
Certification:CE Rosh CertificationCE Rosh CertificationCE Rosh

Product description:

The SK6812 RGBW product of Easton Technology Co., Ltd. is a smart led product integrating a control circuit and a light-emitting circuit. The shape of the led is the same as that of the SMD5050. Each led is a pixel, and each pixel contains the MCU intelligent digital interface. , Latches and shaping amplifying circuit, etc., to ensure the high consistency of pixel color, through the zero-return code communication method, it can realize the transmission distance of any two points exceeding 5 meters without the need for signal amplifying circuit, with 256 gray levels, Complete the full true color display of 16777216 colors, the scanning frequency is not less than 400hz/s, serial interface design, complete data reception and decoding through a signal line

The purpose of the SK681RGBW product of Easton Technology Co., Ltd. is to increase the dream-like color in the space where the linear light source is needed. The product is widely used in festival light shows, clothing, game consoles, gaming machines, e-sports equipment, computer cases, TV backgrounds, Clothing, automobiles, architectural lighting, sign lighting, cabinets and shelf lighting, and decorative lighting for stages, home theaters, wine cellars, cars, bicycles, yachts and cruise ships, etc.

Easton Technology Co., Ltd. SK6812RGBW products can achieve different effects through mini three-button controller, RF controller, Bluetooth controller, music controller, programmable controller, online controller, DMX console, Madix, Aduino, etc. : Static, static change, water chase, colorful change, colorful chase, animation, etc.

Easton Technology Co., Ltd.'s SK6812RGBW product can only choose 5V power supply voltage, and the product has passed raw material inspection-SMT patch-reflow soldering-semi-finished product inspection-splicing-aging inspection-reel-finished product inspection-packaging and other processes. Quality control to ensure the quality, the LED with gold wire and copper support large chip is used for the LED to ensure the reliability of the LED, and the 2oz or 3oz copper foil is used for the PCB with double-sided film to ensure better bending. The bonding strength of the conductive circuit and the selection of resistance and capacitance ensure the uniformity and life of the light-emitting color of the light strip and the stability of signal transmission. The product can also be made of high-quality silica gel or PU to make IP65 products, and more Easy to clean without yellowing; high-quality silicone sleeve IP67 products can also be used outdoors to ensure that the product is not easy to yellow and waterproof; the product can also choose IP68 potting products, using high-quality silicone sleeves and glue, Ensure better waterproof performance of the product.

The price is only Led Strip, Not Included Power Supply or Led Controller!
SK6812 RGBW Must Use DC5V Power Supply AND Led Controller to Control!
Every 0.5meter with solder joints, please note!

PCB color:

White: White PCB;  Black: Black PCB

Protection grade:

(1) IP20 --- No waterproof, for indoor use

(2) IP65 --- Silicone coating, easy cut, outdoor use

(3) IP67 --- Silicone tube, need reseal after cut, outdoor use

(4) IP68 --- IP65+IP67, can work underwater ( if you need we can make for you ! )

Product parameter:

(1) Working Voltage: DC5V
(2) LED Source: SMD 5050 RGBW(W: 2700-3000K/4000-4500K/6000-6500K)
(3) LED Chip: Epistar or San an
(4) LED QTY: 30/60/144LED/M
(5) IC QTY: 30/60/144LED/M
(6) Power: 9.6/19.2/46W/M
(7) Grey Scale: 256 / Color
(8) Cutability:1 led / cutting (Built-in IC  , 1 ic control 1 LED )
(9) Beam Angle: 120 °
(10) Color Mode: 133Pattern & 100 Speeds
(11) Dimension: 5000mm x 10mm x 2.4mm(30 and 60leds/m)or 1000mm x 12mm x 2.4mm(144leds/m)
(12) Packaging: 5m / roll  or 1m/roll 5v SK6812 RGBW led strip + 3 pin connector
(13) Warranty: 2-3 years


(1) Flexible PCB  ( IP20,IP65)  With 3M adhesive tape on the back for easy installation.

(2) Energy saving and environment protection.

(3) High brightness 5050 SMD LED light strip.

(4) Solid-state, high shock or vibration resistance.

(5) Low power consumption, high intensity.

(6) Match the RGBW controller and power supplier system.

(7) Wide viewing angle.

(8)  RGBW colors.

Common controller wiring diagram:



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